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Potential for Delayed Relapse?

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Hi everyone. 


I have a question that I haven't been able to find any real answers to - or even discussion of - despite searching obsessively around on the internet.


Has anyone ever heard of someone who has "recovered" - whatever they deem that to mean - have their HPPD come back full force after a decent number of years for no reason at all? Say, a decade. 


Further, could any legal drugs cause a large scale relapse after symptoms have faded? For instance, if someone felt they had recovered would they be able to get drunk again without risking bringing back their HPPD? 


I know it's hard to find people with experience regarding these topics since most people that do deem themselves recovered probably stop posting. These thing scare me though. The thought that I could get better over a long period of time and then randomly be thrown back into HPPD hell terrifies me.

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Hello man haha,

mine faded and disappeared. Surely I tried using again. That was a mistake that I shouldn't have not done ever. Relapse is the best word for coming back to visuals. Mine came with more, assorted ones. I do not know what is reality or not anymore from all these movement illusions. It throws me off course, especially at home. I always have to tell myself, that these images are my eyes playing tricks on me. 


When smoking weed causes confusion big time for me. It gives the same high, but less anxiety as the usual effects it should. With confusion, do not smoke and do anything productive, because it will not work out the best. We are better off sober trying to get less anxious than getting more confused than we really are haha. Trust me on that.

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I had a massive relapse starting 2-3 months ago.

I'm smack dab in the middle of a very concerning episode. I only smoked pot a few times 3-4 months ago. Now I have insane visuals and constant headaches. I REALLY hope it goes away. DO NOT DO ANY DRUGS.

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guys there must be a possability to take drugs again and without doubt there is...but first you have to get over what makes you panic when sliding into any kind of trip or altered state ..and this is dp/dr as long as you suffer from dp/dr you wont be able to have positive expierience..touch the root of the problem before you give up drugs forever and then you can have fun again

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