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Illusions and confusion.

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This illness is commonly thought as hallucinations, but individuals will not see imaginary people. My symptoms include:

-Trailing of moving images

-Geometric hallucinations

-Flashes of color

-Halos around objects

-Walls seem to breathe, swirl, move

-Intense lighting

-Illusions of movement

-Intensified colors

-Color confusion

-Burned in after images.

-Awareness of floaters. Mostly in blue sky.

-Static vision. Which is a closed eye visual.

I have learned staying awake, caffeine or a sugar, illicit drugs makes it worse. Ever since I was little I had static vision, and I noticed it before I would fall asleep. That and "visual snow", but now if I do the three things listed above, it will make it worse. I have done those type of drugs before, and I have not been the same. Colors and my perception throughout the day is not solid. I get dry eyes, I have eyedrops. I take migraine medicine because my migraines got bad, probably because lights got too bright for me. I always turn all my electronics lights down. I used to have migraines everyday now I don't, but my head still feels dull.


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