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HPPD in The Psychologist


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Bravo ... look forward to reading it



Been thinking (uh oh lol).  Wonder if one problem with getting help is that HPPD is solely a psychologically defined illness.  It is in the DSM.


Psychiatrists and Neurologist are trained at the same schools but eventually diverge into their respective speciality.  Stroke, Alzheimers, MS, ALS, PD are treated by Neurologists.  Whereas depression, bipolar and schizophrenia are treated by Psychiatrists.


Dr A is a Psychiatrist.  So his 40 years of HPPD research are primarily published in those journals.


But HPPD is a neurological problem ... not an emotional one (though anxiety and depression are frequent comorbid conditions).  Visual Snow / Visual Migraine are not considered psychological, so neither should HPPD.


One problem with HPPD being treated by 'emotion' doctors is that they are oriented toward anxiety, depression, addiction/compulsion and delusion and think in terms of antipsychotics, SSRIs, and SNRIs.


There needs to be a move toward consideration of HPPD as a 'hardware' problem, not a 'software' problem.  And really, all the research agrees with this orientation.

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