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Does anybody else get a wavy vision after being outside for awhile?

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this is probably my worst symptom. but have any of you get that to or atleast know what its from. I dont what else it could be from othen then hppd.

about a month ago I was mowing the lawn , I was out side for almost two hours. I looked at the sky and it was moving away from me really fast . I knew something was wrong so I went inside . the floors were moving but nothing too serious . just the the pattern of everything was moving. I thought maybe I was hydrated but I drink alot of water all the time. now if im outside for 30 min or more I get a weird wavy vision . I can see it much better when I close my eyes. plus I still get it when I wear sunglasses .

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i barely got out of my hous efor almost a year,

and did not look at the sky for even more.

but after awhile, you relize that you can't live without sky forever.

i relize that i deserve to be able to look at the sky. so i do. and as the time passed, the simptoms got better and being outside has no longer effects on them. 

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