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i try to have as little sugar as i can, but when i have a lot, for example a soda, caffeine free or not, i get a horrible headache at the back of my head, and my light sensitivity gets horrible, i mean horrible, but only my light sensitivity. can anyone explain

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You have HPPD and you are worried about how sugar affect it?

All people with vs/hppd are claiming to eat healthy, so, somebody would explain to you their theories about how the suggar affect to stranger/non-studied disorder.

PD: I ate two donuts today and my palinopsia/slighty/starbucking were the same. I think sugar affect directly your anxiety (how tobacco, when you finish one cigarret, inmediately you want other) and that's why your symptoms are exacerbated.

Surely, another guy will come here and explain it better and not like as village idiot (me)

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Sugar, aches and HPPD spikes are related. Migraines and HPPD seems to be caused by similar mechanisms.. Migraines comes on more frequently when one consumes more sugar. The same for HPPD.

Fructose/ glucose are not a problem for me to consume, but if I consume something with refined sugar (like a soda) then HPPD and DP/DR spikes, and the head and neck feels like they will burst apart. Every time.. The blood sugar crash after the blood sugar spike is the worst.

My advice is to keep the blood sugar level steady throughout the day, consume slow carbs for this (oatmeal is the best!). No sweet snacks or soda, as this will make the equilibrium of the blood sugar level sway a lot up and down. Fruits have a much milder type of sugar (and less of it too), and therefore should be your first choice for fixing blood sugar dips.

It's a good and healthy dietary framework which will make daily life more smooth when you have HPPD or migraines..

Check this link on triggers and self-care for migraines, as it applies for HPPD too.


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