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Now, are 6-8 months that hppd appeared in my live and I think that wouldn't go away, I want to try different ways.

Maybe, that sounds you repetitive (especially for veterans), but how says my mother, can't lose hope to looking for. I know, there won't a flowers way. My hope isn't cure me (I'm not god or Steven Hawkings, although nobody knows if one say I show my identity and surprise all you :P). My really hope is found a med that can help me daily, especially for braing fog/memory. I get really surprised when I had seen me again in futsal, so visual are "easily" ignored for me.

I have a plan to continous. I will try get scripts from legalty, talking my meds about hppd or simulating other disorders (talking about my symptons wich aren't little lol) and I have diagnosed a chronic migraine with aura. If meds not help, I will purchase in internet, so, please, if somebody can send me a pm with a good place in world wide web to purchase good drugs, I would appreciate it.

Sorry for writte a lot and for bad english (wishh I had lernt before after).

Stage one/first trial

Keppra study, as the same that did Rene. I saw she was in Keppra, raising doses low, vitamin B complex and Aniracetam. Maybe 1x klono for week. If I had can be alive until now with 1x xanax, hope that cocktail will keep me.

She had updated that she can sometimes get fun with a few bear, and smoke some cbd weed!!!!!!!! I would be so happy....

I saw too Merkan, Marquee Moon, thrillhouse, keep positive...

Stage two/Second trial

Citalopram, I see Ich, a user in thosevs that had all shit of symptoms and now he can live normal live.

Stage three/ Third trial

Something Lamictal, or piracetam....

Hope will stop in stage 1 with success and come here to post my happiness :)

I'm waiting to solve minor shit problems (reapiring thooths and hear infection...). Im treating these problems with antibiotics and dont want to mix keppra with that, because I will transforme my self in Hulk.

Wish me luck and please tell me your advices and the meds that you have trial. If you are annoying becase I.can look fof in forum, I had read the most, believe me, just want help from you.

Thanks for read and sorry for bad wrotte phrases. Best wishes


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