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Communication - Inception of Cure


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Thanks to the internet, anonymity allows people to openly discuss information they would otherwise keep private. Of course, this does not completely eliminate emotional bias to hide social norm violation (use of illicit drugs), it certainly helps. Anyone that has any experience with creation (in any case) would understand that new developments always occur from a synthesis of information that had otherwise not been combined. In other words, cancer for example cannot be cured by itself without developments in other areas - technology, seemingly unrelated sciences, and testimonials.

It is strongly encouraged that everyone reports what narcotics/anti-biotics have (even if no observable difference occurs - just as important) on their symptoms. No one should have to be worried about health care when they are simple trying to treat unrelated illnesses.

These boards are full of people longing for a cure, but recorded information is the preface for that. How can scientists help if they don't know what makes it worse, and what makes it better? Without recorded logs from those diagnosed with whatever illness is being tested, there is no way for science to advance. It's like a cancer patient always saying they feel good no matter what the doctor does. Aside from the future, reports such as these in the present allow us to help each other of what to steer clear from, and minimize the existence of the illness/disorder. 

Contribution is required on both sides.

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