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HydrOXYzine HCI 25MG

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I was just put on this medication yesterday by my doctor after telling her about my situation which you can find here.


But anyways.. I was wondering if this medication will worsen my HPPD, make it better or do anything else to me. Please reply back with some useful information x :-) thanks!

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Well fuck. I've been taking if since the 5 of this month. It was prescribed to make my heart rate slow down because my resting heart rate was around 100-150 BPM from the minute I wake up in the morning. And it has made my heart rate slower. She also prescribed it for insomnia but it doesn't make me drowsy what so ever.

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They use hydroxyzine in countries other than the USA for depression, etc.   I think it's basically an antihistamine.  But antihistamines have been used psychiatrically for a long time.  It makes you go to sleep, i would guess.

I don't see any downside, i think it's fairly safe...... follow your doctors instructions!



And ask your doctor about interactions with other meds and food, just in case!

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With me it heat would trigger it particularly the beginning of summer.  Just sitting in a place about 70 degree F, heart would be 120bpm (normal for me is 55).


This, along with uneven pupil dilation, are from autonomic nervous system problems.  While not as severe, people with PD have autonomic problems.  Dr A also mentioned autonomic problems with HPPD in his recent interview.


For me, gabapentin helps both rapid heart and pupil symptoms.

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Well. I did get HPPD at the beginning of summer. And I also had pupil dialation like you especially when my heart went up.wha is gabapentin?


It is a mild anti-seizure med thats been around for 30 (?) years.  Neurontin is the brand name.  Gabapentin is the generic name.

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