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just found out what happed to me at age 15


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Hello ,


today i found out what happed to me when i was 15 years old throught the internet and this forum. I became really emotional to know there was a name for it and the amount of people that have experienced it.


Also it brought back the memories of the symtoms i had expienced at that time, just buy reading what people have experienced, i wasnt sure at the time when i had this problem that it was me being worried over nothing, because i asked my friends about it at the time and they complety dismissed it as nothing .


When i was 15 i took lsd for the 3rd time ,with about 6 pals at the time , and my mum had gone out for the weekend. I was fine for the first couple of hours in to the trip but the we went to an all night cafe which was fine siting down laughing and joking as you  do on acid, anyway they ordered coffee i drunk it the same as everyone. We then left it was probably about midnight or a bit later, and we started to walk out the cafe car park and all of a sudden i felt really frightened , i wasnt really visually triping i just become very very scared .


we got back to my house and to cut a long story sort , i just locked myself in my room and had panic attacks all night and hyperventerlating and a light pain in my chest but it worried me to hell, i thought i was going to dye , thought i was gona have a heart attack as well.


i evenually sleept, about 7 -8 oclock i guess only for maybe 4- 5 hours, but when i woke up i still didnt feel right , but i thought i'll be ok by tomorrorow  but i was still very very frighten about what had happened, but i did stop hyperventerlating. The day past and i felt weird like i was still slightly tripping, but i wasnt tripping its was a bit like how youd feel when you just start to come up on acid sort of slightly.


To cut a long story short this went on for days then weeks, told my friends they just ignorned me, they didnt think it was anything , i saidto them i had a bad reaction with acid and drinking coffee, and  they almost found it funny that i metioned it. After a month i concluded i must have a brain tumor , when i looked at people sometime they had slight aroas round them , and the alice in wonderland thing , depesonalization, colours were weird , i would start panicing at school and stuff, i was totaly teriffied. i didnt know what these things were untill today reading on here. At the time i certainly did'nt either i thought i must have a brain tumar what else could it have been. Then 3.5 months later i eventually went to the doctor with out my mum knowing , i was waiting in the waiting room of the doctors surgey getting prepared for him to give me just months to live.

Then my name was called to see the doctor i got up , and thought aleast im going to get it confirmed that im dying. I went into the doctors office sat down he said what can i do for you , i replied i took lsd 3-4 months ago and its given me a brain tumar and i think im dying. The doctor just  said you havnt got a brain tumar and your not dying and smiled . The relieve was so intense the problems i had vanished right there and then, but he did check my eyes over cos i said my eyes dont feel right and tryed to explain what has been happening , he said yes you seem to have an eye infection and gave me a persciption for eye drops , i thanked him greatly and walked out feeling alated ,

It was the happiest feeling ive ever had in my life and i was like that for weeks after.

Another thing ive never forgoten what happened to me in those months , i have always thought about it quite regularly all these years on , i may have wrote this story  in a casual way but i can tell you now it was the worst expience of my life.


i know now what was wrong with me , im now 37 , i never took hallungens ever again.

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