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What medication im on and how its helping me out so far

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Very small introductions at the start of what has been happened to me, and then I get to the point of meds.

Hello, First of all i'd like to say iv had hppd for over 2 years now, i had hppd at 3 stages the first stage was not very horrible and so on, but then I went out and did some drugs, and then my hppd had increase another 100%, on my birthday i got really really drunk, and my hppd, also increase another 100%, For almost 3 month, i tried healing my self naturally by working out ( gym ) 4-5 times a week, taking Fish oil + multi -vitaims, for ME it didnt help me out that much, everything was still there my hppd wasnt reduced, some people say that those 3 things help you almost get rid of hppd, ( working out, fish oil, multi vitamins). Anyways after i got drunk on my birthday and my HPPD was unbearable anymore, I told my parents about everything, and I went to see a doctor, at first he didn't know what HPPD was because I said it to him in a wrong way and he miss heard it, he gave me anti-psychotics ( Abilify I don't remember what the dose was, but it was very very low, and it also increase my hppd by 1000%, and i became home bound and everything was very very bad, i wasn't able to go out or even speak or any such things. I think i went crazy when i was on that medication, anyways. when i went to him and told him what this medication has done to me, and told him what my disorder was, he told me that he has seen one person who had this disorder 25 years ago, and back then medication very not very good, and it had very bad side effects so he never saw him again, he probally gave him anti-physocitcs or something, but that's not the point, coming to the point now, I have been seeing my doctor for about 3 month now, and i'm on Klonopin 2mg per day, Keppra 1000mg per day, and 10mg of cipralex 10mg, ( at first he refused to put me on Klonopin, and was very insisting that i don't take it, and also didn't agree with keppra, but i had told him that those 2 medications are the best for HPPD, and with time he agreed to put me on them, and i can already feel very very different, i feel like my dr/dp has vanished away by maybe 70-90%, and all the other effects of HPPD except of visuals have been also reduced by ALOT, and iv been only on those medications for about 3 month now, and i'm very optimistic.

Any idea hows to reduce my visuals i still have double vision sometimes...

Any opinions or suggestions are more then welcomed please share.

Much love Ali.

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