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Interesting video explaining psychedelics (and HPPD symptoms)


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Atleast with the first 10 minutes. The rest is a lot of philosophy but still very interesting.

Parts of it can be a bit scary to take in, HPPD or not. But i would say this sorta demystifies HPPD and potentielly makes it more understandable,

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Just some notes:


Constraining hub = consistent/coherent narrative

'freeing' of thinking = "cerebral disinhibition" (Abraham)

reality is a construction = the brain is a "meaning making machine" (Norden)

ego (self) disintegration

memory more vivid do to increased sensory activity

psychedelics weaken constraints of the box = thinking outside the box = creativity  Also the nature of schizophrenia

depression and addiction are features of overly constrained systems = restrained novelty

recreational use of psychedelics is dangerous, but controlled (clinic setting) use made be useful

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