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Please try this and see if your afterimages diminish


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If you have palinopsia, stare a VERY strong light for a long period with caution just not to harm your vision. Repeat this a few times and check if your afterimages/trails/halos etc are decreased.

I've posted another topic explaining this but it's too long and wasn't edited yet so its almost unreadable... you can peek there if you want. But I would be very glad if you try that exercise. Thanks

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weirdlyyy right, my symptoms almost went completely, i just had mild after images, visual snow at light, some ghosting and starburts.. but then 1 day, i went for an eye test, and she shome a reaaaaaaaaaaally bright light in my eye, and i remember i could see loads of weird stuff suddenly and got abit anxious

when i left the room all my symptoms had come back ):

very very weird, i think it may have been anxiety related tho, as i was seeing weird things and the after image of the light lasted longer than i hoped n i got more anxious!

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