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I am starting naltrexone tomorrow i will let you know how it goes. Hopefully it works although the side effects seem pretty bad plus I am going out drinking with some buddies 2moro and i think the naltrexone reduces the buzz you get from alcohol so we shall see. I am taking a quarter of 50 mg pill to start

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On the old board I think someone had success with this drug. A poster on the thosewithvisualsnow forums has also seen a benefit on the dp/dr with this drug. It's on my list of things to try but not very high up there. But if your dp/dr are severe and most crippling symptoms it may be worth trying.

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This drug, an opiod antagonist is actually kind of weird. Third day with it and so far it seems It helps with dp/dr and slighly the visuals, although after it wears off i find the visuals to be slightly worse for a while. It makes me extremely tired, and just want to lounge all day, (which is good although I have exams to study for), it does seem to be slightly euphoric too although it diminishes pleasure like food and sex. Anxiety for me is really reduced although for most people it seems to be increased. I am on a really small dose however 10 mg. Naltrexone is supposedly also recommended for everyone in small doses (2-3mg) daily to help boost the immune system however this claim isn't well supported. I recommend any hppd/dp/dr person give this a try as it does have an effect and is better than nothing and is not addictive at all considering it is mostly used as an anti-addiction drug lol.

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