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CRF-induced PPI deficits are not attenuated by 5HT2A/C antagonism

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Basically that means that when stress/anxiety worsens your symptoms, it appears this is not mediated via the 5HT2A/C receptors.
I found this pretty interesting; it implies our deficits in sensory gating are not mediated by these receptors that were initially believed to be the culprit (in inducing HPPD at least). Does seem less and less that 5HT is involved with the 'persistent' part of it all. Or so I take out of this. Unless of course CRF antagonizes 2A/C receptors in the first place..



These findings suggest that CRF does not decrease PPI via effects on 5-HT, since neither blockade of 5-HT(2A/C) receptors nor 5-HT depletion attenuated this decrease.


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