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What's helped most? Plus some thoughts..


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Hey there, hope everyone is doing fine as of late. Personally... not so much. Hence why I wanted to make this thread and ask some questions and throw out some comments. I would like to know:


(1) What has helped you with HPPD the most overall (for instance, perhaps it didn't effect all of your symptoms, but it completely dissipated DR/DP).

(2) What was the most consistent with helping your HPPD symptoms?


Personally, transcranial LLLT and the TULIP protocol helped me the most by far. I then took a LONG break to see how long I could function normally, and as of the last week I felt symptoms start creeping back up on me. Decided to do a 'treatment' again, and there was a power surge while my LEDs were at my head - I can be wrong, but I believe it screwed with my head more than I have already. The following day was a rapid intrusion of all my HPPD symptoms and then some happened, right in time for my job interview  :angry:. I almost thought I was losing it for a bit: extreme DP/DR, which caused intense fear and panic, everything had a slight sense of 'warping' going on, trailers following everything, even simply my hand moving. I felt weightless and almost as if I were going to have an out of body experience or something. Symptoms have remained since then (about 4 days). Some things I'm going to do:


(1) Start up every-other-day 850nm LED treatments again. I've got to teach myself a bunch of math before Jan.15th to take a placement test and hopefully skip some easy fundamental courses, but afterwards I want to assess the estimations made by some of the research as I believe I may be able to do multiple treatments in a day, or at least much, much longer treatments when I do (say, 10-15min as opposed to 1-2).


(2) Sleep with the EarthPulse on Recover Mode under my head through a thin pillow each day. This has helped when I've done it, but the wiring in my house leads me to believe I may do harm in the long run, so I'm using it in a protected extension cord to prevent power surges again. Recover mode cycles and doesn't remain static, but it is roughly 9.6hz at all times with a strong Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (gauss depends on if the base is attached, if the screw is in, the density of your mattress/pillows, etc.). A comprehensive study by NASA showed this frequency to be especially useful in neuronal regeneration: http://ston.jsc.nasa.gov/collections/TRS/_techrep/TP-2003-212054.pdf


(3) Look into some interesting substances I haven't seen frequently spoken about. For instance, I recently came to learn about something known as PC-Ecklonia Cava (extract) - an algae based polyphenol/phlorotannin complex. It has a wide array of uses, but the neurological benefits are what caught my eye. It increases transcranial blood flow and increases the parasympathetic nervous system 'tone'. It also simultaneously increases acetylcholine AND inhibits AchE. It also improves the production of various neurotransmitters and proteins, but the one that made me excited was increases in GABA.Oh, best of all, it can pass the 'blood brain barrier'! According to one review, there was a study in which 60% of mild to moderate Alzheimer's patients were capable of returning to unassisted living following three months of supplementation. This is all highly intriguing to me, because I believe that the substance that caused me to have HPPD was PCP or embalming fluid (I unknowingly ingested this at a concert while on other substances) and it appears that those substances are anti-cholinergic. Many of the symptoms I experienced afterwards are resonant with acute anti-cholinergic syndrome. Though, it might also be something with NMDA/serotonin as that weekend I also used a lot of MDMA and DXM.


I've been thinking that, since there is such a wide range of HPPD symptoms, and many substances can cause it, each individual may have different techniques/compounds that will help them due to an individual cause. Therefore, we'd all do ourselves some justice by investigating the MOA's of the substances we believed to cause our HPPD (unless it is more complicated than that for your particular situation - I'm simply fairly certain as to what caused mine). 


Some other things I want to try are Metyhlene Blue, Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone, and Cerebrolysin. Methylene Blue seems to be highly synergistic with LLLT, though you should do the two at different times due to enhancing photosensitivity of your cells (probably chromophores). LDN, as most of you probably know, has actually been used to treat HPPD. The thing is, people have success for their issues with Naltrexone in dosages FAR under "LDN". I'm going to go to my general practitioner and try to get a script for HPPD and take extremely low doses and build up only if I have to. I've seen some interesting threads on Longecity about people using it simply for anti-aging, so if it largely helped with HPPD, and then LLLT and PEMF started kicking it, I'd probably continue to take it. Lastly, I know OneDayI'llSailAgain has been using Cerebrolysin with little to no benefit, but the thing is that in the literature doses up to 40mL/day have been used. If I were to try Cerebrolysin, I'd probably start with 5mL, then 10, then 20.


Oh, lastly, one thing I've seen a lot of people neglect to (please don't take that offensively, anyone) come across/realize, is the fact that our thyroid is behind nerve regeneration. Dr. Peat has a ton of great information on this, though I try not to follow any particular individual any longer. His book on Russian brain tissue research, or his article on biophysical approaches to altered states of consciousness are worth a read. Enhancing the thyroid leads to nerve growth and myelination of our brains. According to my temps and pulse (and pulse strength), my thyroid is terribly sluggish, and I look forward to seeing how I feel as I increase these numbers. If someone wants to read something not associated with Dr. Peat (it sees as though some have reservations against him and think he's nuts, but it's because a lot of people haven't read Gilbert Ling, Dr. Becker, Gerald Pollack, etc. who revolutionized biology and showed that much of current mainstream biology is flawed and almost mythical), reading Dr. Broda Barnes books would be great. He has treated tons of people who are supposedly 'healthy' with thyroid and there is a complete lack of heart attack and depression within these groups. Interestingly, when looking for literature on treatments for HPPD, I came across a short article on Erowid about thyroid meds for various forms of psychosis.


Well, I've babbled too much. Just wanted to get this out of my head before I have another 'flare' and am incapable of concentrating enough to write this. Hope everyone is doing well!

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Haha, compliment or no? But on a serious note - no, I haven't tried any psychoactive substances in ages. I don't know how many months I've been sober but definitely over 8, and before that I only drank once and awhile for a few months. I don't plan on using any psychoactive substances (including alcohol) until I'm fully recovered, if that recover in fact occurs (I'm optimistic and believe it will eventually). Even then, I'd rather alter consciousness through other means such as neurofeedack, holotropic breathing (that seems more wild than some psychedelics, and can typically be more controlled), yoga, etc. I'd never go back to where I was, and in a hypothetical situation in the future without HPPD, I'd probably stick to high CBD cannabis.

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