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Hppd or Anxiety/DR?

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 I have had anxiety and dr two times before ever doing trying LSD. I never had a visual symptom, but I found out that anxiety can manifest physical symptoms such as mild Visual Snow. After doing LSD I was fine for about two weeks, but I was nervous and had a strange feeling that the LSD was going to harm me in a long term. One day I started looking for symptoms of long term effects of LSD. I found HPPD, and made the connection of visual snow and HPPD ( without knowing that DP/DR could also give VS.) I freaked out and became extremely anxious. Panic, and derealisation every day until i started noticing floaters, after images in objects and also halos. I suffered from astigmatism, and it all happened while it was uncorrected so it was even worst. I still don't know what I have, and I figured that not one better than you guys would recognize if I really have HPPD. I have been having the following symptoms:


Floaters and Flashes

Visual Snow (mild)

After Images (in objects and just by briefly looking. This is what has me more worried because I don't think anxiety could cause this. )

Fluorescent lights have halos

Tinnitus (only sometimes)

if light hits an object in a dark background the object seems to get a "ghost like effect" king like double images.


(If it matters, I only did LSD once and it was one hit.)


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