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Questions on Fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem, Ladose, Fontex, etc)

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I've been using Prozac for 1,5 years now 2 X 20mg a day. My HPPD is very recent compared to this which started after 22nd of November, 2013 (app. 10 days). 


I haven't cut using Prozac since, and the DR/DP, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks have not completely healed but are mostly gone. (I would say 75%-80% success on this).


Meanwhile for 8 days now I have been using Valerian Root extract 1X300mg a day just before bedtime usually as it makes me very drowsy. Valerian Root has also helped me, mostly for panics etc. 


My Questions are:


1. For the visuals and light tinnitus that I am suffering I haven't seen a success whatsoever. ALTHOUGH I do not know how much time is needed for Valerian Root or BENZOs to take effect for this? Is it instant? A couple of days? A couple of weeks?


2. Is there a possibility that Fluoxetine could make the visuals worse ALTHOUGH I am not faced with such a thing just asking as a precaution?


Thanks in advance, my very best wishes for everyone :) :)

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