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me being an avid golfer with lofty aspirations lol figured id start a thread while the oldest open championship is going on. anyone else enjoy a day on the course(hopefully everyday). and yes still a huge Tiger fan regardless of his off the course issues. he inspired me to pursue perfection of the game i don't care what he does off of the course. but fav. golfers are John Daly, Anthony Kim, Rory, and Miguel "the Mechanic" Jimenez.

cigar never leaves mouth

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I love golf but not that great like my buddy I grew up with here's all his stats. It was crazy watching him in a shoot out on NBC two weeks ago he got 2nd look at my mans earnings. I wonder if he'd be better if we didn't smoke green together so often back in the day lol!

Chez Reavie PGA TOUR Events Played Finish FedExCup Cuts Made 1st 2nd 3rd Top 10 Top 25 Scoring Avg. OWGR Money Points Standing Career Totals 102 58 1 1 -- 7 14 -- -- $3,946,969 -- -- 2011 24 16 -- 1 -- 4 8 70.62 80 $1,904,267 2,088 9th 2010 15 6 -- -- -- -- -- 71.91 762 $112,994 125 187th 2009 27 13 -- -- -- 1 4 70.94 388 $477,766 240 159th 2008 30 21 1 -- -- 2 2 71.03 208 $1,444,102 100,806 57th Nationwide Tour Events Played Finish Money List Rank Cuts Made 1st 2nd 3rd Top 10 Top 25 Scoring Avg. OWGR Money Career Totals 52 35 1 -- 1 6 20 -- -- $334,793 -- 2007 27 15 1 -- 1 4 10 70.78 310 $224,532 18 *OWGR = Official World Golf Rating More Stats link_arrow.gif

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Crazy huh! Chez was in 5th place on the 3rd day of the US Open but fell down to 50th. The stats looked better before I copied and pasted them but to you I'm sure they still make sense. He missed an 8 foot putt (you could tell he was nervous lol) on 18 to win the Deutsche Bank Championship but still got a cool $880.000 for finishing 2nd. He won the Canadian Open in 08 and won $900.000 Fuck I wish we were still friends lol. It was such a trip watching him on prime time tv when we grew up together. His career earnings are almost 4 million. Out of all the athletes I knew growing up he's basically the only one to turn pro.

Two other buddies Pitched in MLB, but both tore their rotator cuffs (couldn't overcome injuries) and still got $500.000 a piece from there "small" contracts.


Even if they just went to your school.

Tiger's alright but Phil Mickelson is my man, he went to ASU. Roy McAvoy from Tin Cup is a pimp ;)

Anyways Tiger was just having a fun time outside of golf. Give the guy a fucking break who wouldn't fuck the hottest girls in the world.....A Sex addict, who the hell isn't for real, the popporottzi sp?? Made him out to be a bad person. If he was white it would of been alright. Steve Nash is my Favorite athlete and I doubt most know he cheated on his wife last yr and that why they got divorced.

Anyways I'v had a couple beers and they're about wearing off after all this! I"m going to the lake tomorrow going wakeboarding hell ya...later all

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