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I know this has probably been covered before but I figured that I would revive this topic. So just figured out a couple of weeks ago that I have a systemic candida infection and I have been on the diet for two weeks now. Feeling a bit better. No more tense muscles/aches/pains, and my anxiety is not as intense. I have this because for about three weeks, I ceased taking probiotics with my antibiotics that I take for lyme disease and the already rampant candida that I had became systemic. I am now in a very tricky situation because I now have to keep three conditions under control simultaneously. Considering that the candida made my visuals worse, its safe to say Ill be on this diet for quite a while. My main problem right now is that I still have to take antibiotics to keep my lyme disease under control, but they also deplete healthy bacteria in my stomach delaying my recovery from candidiasis. Have any of you had this before? If so how long did it take to recover, and did your visuals improve post recovery? Its really amazing how strong my ability to adapt is now. A year ago, a candida problem would have left me crippled and depressed. Now im just eager to fight the problem and just go on with my life. I basically just brushed it off like nothing. This hppd has improved my mental strength and stamina tenfold. I cant wait to see what I can accomplish in the future once I work out my issues.

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