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Hello Everyone


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Hello Everyone!


I was a user of the old HPPD forum from around 2008-2009, then the sight was taken down, and I never really knew what happened to the community. I was 18 years old then, freaked out by what was going on with my brain, I had taken Ecstasy, had a bad trip, and then the next day everything was weird. The best thing i could describe was that I felt just "out of it". Then I noticed i had tracers behind cell phones on the dark, little squiggly sperm looming things lookin at the sky, halos and rainbows around lights, and streaks coming out of lights. Pretty much a mild case of Hppd. Thats been almost 5 and half years ago now. 

After the Hppd forum I was using disappeared, I stopped focusing so much on it, went to school, and for the most part stopped thinking about hppd. It became a part of my life. Am i back what i was before it? I'd like to think so. But such is life. 

That's my short but sweet introduction. 

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