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Aniracetam, again.

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So, these past few weeks ive gotten desperate enough to attempt supplementing with aniracetam again, as it has improved my worst symptom in the past, (my brain cannot properly filter out the presence of my nose in my vision.) So this time Ive decided to cycle on and off the drug. One day on, one day off, one day on, two days off, etc... This is to possibly eliminate the increase in positive and negative afterimages that I experienced in the past due to daily dosing. So, I a now 5 days in and my positive/negative afterimages are largely unaffected, any visual snow that I may have had is pretty much gone, (May I add, it was very minimal to begin with), and the symptom where my brain does not properly filter out the presence of my nose is almost gone/greatly reduced. I believe that my visuals increased with daily dosing because as I am sure some of you know, aniracetam affects the 5ht2a receptors in the brain, which is the site that is strongly agonized following ingestion of lysergic acid. We do not yet understand how aniracetam specifically affects the 5ht2a receptor, whether it be modulation or antagonization, but I believe that with staggered dosing we can largely eliminate negative side effects on us hppders and maximize the benefits,( reduced visual snow/floaters/blue field entopic phenomenon.) Well, enough rambling. If you do indeed want to experiment with aniracetam, it is a legal nootropic availabe for personal use.

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Hey BPL.. I've ordered an Aniracetam sample myself to try. As for visuals; guess it would affect everyone differently.

Anyway; wanted to ask you what it did for you in regards to dissociation and memory. Some people report feeling DP'd from Aniracetam, whereas other acounts are rather inspiring with the usual NZT-like reports. My memory recently has been senile; so especially in this regard I was hoping you could tell me more.

Judging from your experience it seems to work instantly after a 750mg dose. This I will do and report back (Monday/Tuesday).

How have you been?

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