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Hello guys, i finnaly found someone who understands :)


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Hey everyone :)

My dog just recovered from acid. He left home 5 months ago and took alot of acid in one night. Than he felt depresed and he felt like dying. He holds little memory of the last 5 months. Now he feels better. He can write on forums. He started to laugh a little by little.

I am gonna make a long post about everything he feels and sees, he needs some advice and support on everything he experienced for the last 5 months.

Now i will tell you a story about my dog.

My dog was a very happy dog durring high school. He was positive and social and many people liked him. He had no problem comunicating with people nor had any social anxiety. He was a regular happy dog. He wasnt drinking nor taking drugs. But few years later he had a weird break up with his girlfriend whom he was dating for 4 and a half years. Suddenly he started to drink alot and go to parties and all that.

But his life took a turning point as the dog says, 2 years ago durring the winter. He found another dog which he used to know from his high school days. They got together and had alot of fun. They liked each other. The dog suddenly started smoking weed, first weekly than daily. Weed was awesome. He liked it. He had fun with it.

After half a year my dog discovered MDMA. Those pure brownish crystals. He was thriled with them. He enjoyed them alot. They were giving him some deppresion after taking them but he was ok with all that. Than he took some speed but my dog didnt like speed at all.

Everything changed when my dog discovered LSD. He was soooo happy. He found alot of insights. As he used to tell me those things were inexpleanable. But something happened. 5 months ago my dog went in nature and ate 500+ mcg of acid. He was tripping real hard. For purposes of not prolonging this text i will not explain what my dog told me about what has happened to him.

But one thing was sure. After that he was changed. He was no longer his old self. He was paranoid. He wanted to kill himself. To leave somewhere where noone will find him. He left the world. He didnt wanted to talk to no other dogs. He was all alone in his house. He was conteplating suicide, than he would see some light and leave those thoughts. He even left one of his best friends cause he hated everyone and everything. He felt like crying but what was weird he couldnt cry at all. He wasnt even able to talk to people in a normal way. He stayed away from drugs and suddenly he started to recover after a while.

When he came to himself he told me of these symptoms he is still experiencing:

1. Starburts from lights

2. Breathing walls and floors and ceilings when he stares at them

3. Visual snow and floaters

4. Social anxiety and deppresion

Above 3 symptoms he likes and enjoys. He even likes his deppresion abit cause it gives him some peace of mind and calmness. But he still doesnt want to leave his house. He still doesnt like to interact with people.

My dog yesterday told me how he feels currently. This is what he told me.

1. When he goes out with people he doesnt enjoy the conversations at all unless he gets drunk like a pig.

2. He feels restless alot and cannot start nor finish something he starts doing.

3. He has alot of mood swings and presents himself alot as a misantrope.

4. His libido is almost nonexistant, and he kinda feels that engaging in a relationship with a girl is more of a burden than joy.

This my dog currently. He sends love to all of you and says thanks in advance. :)

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