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Depression from HPPD


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Hi guys,

I miss having all the resources that the old site had. With that being said...

I have suffered from HPPD for around 14 years now and I have always done so with little to no medication and depression has never been an issue until recently. I feel that my HPPD symptoms have been very manageable recently but now I am suffering from these extreme bouts of frustration, depression and obsessive thinking that make me so miserable. As you know I can't take SSRIs for this because of the effect it most certainly will have on my HPPD. Please give me some idea as to what to do...

On a side note, I do find it a bit interesting that the depression and frustration feelings coincide with a dip in HPPD symptoms. I wonder if there has been some sort of push pull situation in my neurotransmitters that has caused this...

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