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To you with insomnia


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Im going to give you some tips on how to overcome insomnia. And im sorry for my bad language. English are not my main language


I have some kind of perceptiondissorder that affect my sleeping. When im in my bed trying to fall asleep i get CEVs. I see diffrent color, flashing color and light and so on. I have had this for as long as i can remeber but have gone worse by the years, especially with my migrane. Also my brain start to spinn and i have a hard time to relax. At night i often have nightmares and at the worst occasions i can Wake up 5-8 times a night, dripping of sweat. Then i learn some tricks to sleep better and here they are:


Dont spend any time in your bed. When you are in your bed you are sopposed to sleep, DONT Watch TV, computer or the phone.


When im in my bed i listen to either http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ6xgDI7Whc this "song" help my brain to slow down in some wierd way, but it works super. Sometimes i just listen to rain sounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPodpYu_Ruo If you have tinnitus this will help really well. Make sure your computer doesnt light up your bedroom.


When you are lieing in bed, try to Think in visualisation rather of thinking in voices(talking to yourself). Think of something you like doing, for example i visualise when im climbing or surfing.


Sleep with your window open. If there is too mutch noice outside you can just air out your room before going to bed.


When im doing this steps i sleep like a baby. I hope this will help you out there.

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