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Patterns on fabric move as if ingrained into fabric?

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I see broken psychedelic visuals on any textured surface i focus on. I thought this to be normal HPPD, and still do.

However, say I look at a textured surface like my jeans. i will start to see something emerging out of the edges. Normally, again this would be no case for worry. However, I noticed when i move the fabric of my jeans, the pattern moves as if it were actually ingrained into the fabric. It's as if you had a pattern sewn onto the jeans and were looking at it as you stretched and wrinkled the fabric. It's like that but with perceptual anomaly that I think would not have that characteristic of moving about with the fabric. Does anyone else get anything like this?

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all z time... any textured surface i look at has independent texture /shadows / coloring. Some move along with my eyes, some move randomly. Gigantic pain in the ass but ignorable. 

okay so can i get you to test something? Look at your jeans or pants or any fabric you can move. As you see visuals come up, move the fabric and see if the visuals move with the fabric as if it would move if it was something actually attached to the fabric, do you get what I mean? Anyone else willing to test this, please do.

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i get exactly what you mean.,. and i get exactly what you mean too ;) .. but yeah whatever it comes down to cause wise our brain has a disconnection in it's ability to process shadow and textures properly.. it's the same thing that happens when you get your general acid trip wall crawl, but expanded to other textures and both move on its own and moving with you... but hey. just because its all in your head doesnt make it any less real ;)

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