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I still see rainbows . Lucid Reflection of 2years without a psychedelic hallucinogen


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Verdict on hppd symptoms and the continued use of hallucinogens from my personAl brain? as i expect. Bad new for some of you all maybe but even when i didnt smoke pot for half a year there... No change whatsoever to report.

Look. I use to be this rambling idiot knowen as my park family street name lucid here and i thought i might as well introduce myself to the mass seekers of support.

I offer none . And into the midst of void with my name i am noone.

For those who know me

Hi! ;) now whod of thunk my fuckin ass would catch a fire for resociAlization and a bending boredom of psychedelics. Round the last time i posted round the 2yeAr mark i was a fucking suiciAl maniac for alc for self medicating a anxiety disorder that grew out of controll out of nowhere.. Constant hospitalizations and death bed scenarios from alc pancreatitis lead me to feel great about dieing.. An almost depressive fuck this world mindstate to support me in my rockbottomless fall. I got my shit togeather tho. Met a girl i could live with lol engaged . Lead me to realize the stress of having to look After somethin other then my animals and my habbits cured me of a crippling anxiety disorder ods of benzos and steady alc could barley touch. I decided i wanted to live and have been nearly drug free since.... Ha i switched to use of amphetamine as a tool for motivation and the energy i needed. I hate the shit but its workin and im healthier then ive ever been.. Burn out permAfried stoner is hard work in the real world and thats me being reAl. Anyways now i find myself the same bum kinda lol. With a 2story house and a luxury car i never want to learn to drive. Im in way overy head people im blessed my demons or some shit. Anyways i came upon the idea of bumin you all out after some serious emotional reflection as to who the fuck im reborn into. And the savage nature of myself and my halarious yet intense past. Hppd was on the mind and i realized.... No change. Ill continue this story later but have no intention of infecting this new community. Ttyl

The anxiety .. Def can be overcome

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Quite the eccentric vocabulary you use! Remember, we all have troubles to overcome. Work with the circumstance you are in; not with what you went through. You reacted in a manner you deemed appropriate. Now that you have grown, you realize that you would possibly make different choices. Just remember that when it comes to future choices. 

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Tf? Why must i define myself.

I regret nothing. I will ingest hallucinogens through out my life as hppd

Perception/sence wise is not a big deal for me. Ive been saying that since stormloader99 please dont mindfuck me this is a statt of a retrospect ill finish throughput oct... I jist turned 30 a few days back.. Had hppd since 13. I dont need support nor am i offering it. I know my future and dont need comments at all. I owe it to myself and those still coexisting with me in hppd to atleast reflect. I got no time these days so just plz ignore me with ur demonization and biased opinions leadin u to heAr regret in my words. Gluck to you

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Christ dude wake up. I helped create this board. This msg is for hppd people who know who i am. Its a status update for them learn to read. Christ people here will never change. Ill answer replys but would rather reflect. I stated earlier that this is a one off. I do not have the luxury to apease debating heads on a reg basis. Thissg like a decade of my posts. Is for myself and those whove ive spoke with to keep current and aware.... Man i got a girl who bosses me around all day like a submissive punk i dont got a reason to bs here lol :). Ill be gone nov1 for a long long time.

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