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PTSD's relation to HPPD

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Ive been thinking about this a lot. I spent the last two weeks smoking pot with my brother. I dont know what happened, but after a few days I suddenly started enjoying it immensely again. Whats weird about it is this. At first it was making my symptoms a little worse. But for some reason I kept smoking. Soon I was enjoying it, it felt like it used to. It was like I made peace with it. Anyways, this week I have been working a ton and Ive been feeling really, really good. I had a little DP this morning, for the first time in a long time. But I kinda just knew it would pass and it did. As of now, my symptoms are suddenly at an all time low. Im feeling more and more like my old self as the winter comes. Its amazing. AND the only thing I did differently was smoke marijuana a lot. ITS SO WEIRD. 


I think theres a lot more PTSD involved than we think. I means its literally the only thing I can attribute my suddenly chilled out symptoms to... That and Ive been sleeping less, getting up early a lot, and eating a lot, lot less.


Which is literally all the things I was told not to do by people. Im not saying stop eating, smoke a ton of cannabis and never sleep, but it is extremely intriguing to me.


Hopefully the changes continue to better. I am on some Tramadol right now, so maybe thats making my visuals better, though usually it makes them worse.




This disorder is so god damn weird, I really dont know what to think about it anymore. It could be im just suddenly getting better, but I dont know. My job also requires a ton of focus, and lots of counting. Insane amounts of counting. I do inventory for a company called RGIS. So maybe thats helping too?



Any thoughts guys?

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