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Had an appointment with optometrist.


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I must first let you know this my optometrist was a pediatric vision therapy focused dr. though she does have adult patients.


I did a comprehensive test including a eye muscle test that, according to her, most optometrist do not perform. It requires me to tell her when two images that are controlled by her are in a certain position among other focusing/some color lens thing or something.


Basically, she blames it on the eye muscles and that they were weak and i was born with it but the drugs must've exacerbated/allowed me to notice it.


On some points i think it makes a lot of sense since symptoms like ghosting, halos swirls can be manipulated by flexing my eyes. She also mentioned its role in our vestibular system. She even talked about how people with weak eye muscle will experience fatigue and a 'dizzy' like etc sensation since our vestibular system is responsible for notifying where we stand in space and such.(she mentioned this first to my surprise?) DP/DR perhaps? 


I never searched up vestibular system before but if it's right, it looks like a link to my tinnitus maybe? 


I did mention that I think its brain oriented but she went on to mention on how things like autism and ADD are misdiagnosed a lot due to vision problem as well. 


However, on some points, i cant take her word. It was my fault i didnt mention it to her because i was too focused on telling her visual symptoms but things like paresthesia, cherry angioma, tinnitus i had  probably cannot be explained by vision. And although i havent checked my own brain, its obvious that cerebral dis-inhibition has a role in HPPD. 


She said vision therapy would fix my problems and i would work with a different doctor since its not her area focus. It would cost approx $4000, about once every or every other week for about a year. What do you guys think? 


Eye-health wise, it was all ok and was told i can just learn to live with it as well. 

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ask her about prism corrective lenses .. cheaper and it's helping me with the same exact problem right now. this is exactly what i was talking about in a recent thread under symptoms. in the 2-3 weeks i've had my new glasses i've been sleeping better and am able to resolve things more clearly without the glasses on. the optometrist i saw was the first in many years to even point out an issue i knew i had, that my eyes refused to align themselves on the same point without effort. I never saw this as an issue issue because i learned to live with it and had fun with it, using it to perform tricks with my eyes like spinning them in opposite directions, or moving one to a top corner and the other to the boom corner.. was un, freaked people out, and led me to intense deep meditation techniques. but it also gave my visual system fuel for making the hppd symptoms that much worse. I cant speak to it's effectiveness in helping any dp/dr symptoms, but hell.. just being able to see the world a little bit more "normal" couldnt do anything but help with feeling disconnected from reality. 


but yeah, before being pushed down the 4k$ route see about prism lenses. they arent horribly more expensive then regular lenses and go a huge ways towards coercing your eyes to fix themselves. 

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