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I suffered terribly bad from Hppd from the ages of 16-21. I was SO depressed I wanted to die and every time I wokeup in the mornings I would keep my eyes closed tight and pray to god that I would be able to see normally !! I would open my eyes with caution…and when the “flashbacks” would begin I would just break down. I am posting this to let you all know or anyone suffering from this that I am 22 now, have been totally clean and sober for one year (a little over) and am on Lamictal/Prozac 50MG;; and my HPPD has seemingly disappeared. To anyone out there suffering from this take a deep breathe and know that it is temporary. A temporary hell yes but it will end. In my experience and advice to you please stop using and allow your brain to heal! Reading helped me a lot for some reason… Don’t give up hope!!!

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