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Sending HOPE your way!!

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I just discovered this website. I suffered terrible bad from HPPD from the ages of 16-21. I went to doctors and psychiatrists. I couldnt explain what was wrong with me to anyone. I was suspected of being schizophrenic and bipolar. I thought I was crazy. I used to wakeup in the mornings and pray that I could be able to see normally. I couldnt function, was extremely depressed and just drank all the time.... Ive been sober for one year now and have gotten on the right set of medications that work for /me/ [everyone is different I realize this]

I really wanted to post on this website to give some hope to anyone suffering from this condition right now.  I wont lie.. I ocassionally have minor visual phenomenon but NOTHING like how it was. This condition is terrible but it will not last forever!!! What really helps me is Calming down...closing my eyes and breathing deeply. Im on PROZAC and LAMICTAL. 50MG. not using any ofther drugs and my HPPD has seemed to have dissapeared. I live a normal {for the most part lol} and productive life! I can go to work ! 


To anyone out there struggeling or considering doing somethig stupid because of this fucked up disorder PLEASE trust me when I say It wont last forever. It is a temporary situation!! Your brain needs to heal and eventually everything will go back to normal! :) 

I really hope this helps someone....

Back when I was being tortured with HPPD I didn't know what it was so it is amazing to have a website like this with support! Your not alone! =] :) 

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