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HPPD tests / google logo test

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I'm surprised how there's almost nothing around there about testing for HPPD when there are very simple things that can be done.

For instance, access www.google.com, look to the google logo and rapidly look outside the monitor, moving your eyes not your head. If you can still read the google logo outside the monitor, then you have palinopsia.

Another simple test is staring a light source like a lamp for around 10 seconds and then counting the time until you can not see any trace of its negative afterimage (keeping blinking until it disappaers). I noticed this time is around 90 seconds for me and less than 20 seconds for anyone else.

I'm sure there are many more tests like that and I would love to see some official tests being developed. I think they can be useful mainly for measuring the intensity and progress of your symptoms.

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