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HPPD Doctors in Southern California?


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I'm living in Los Angeles and am curious if anybody knows of any doctors/clinics/research groups around this area who are a little more open-minded/informed about HPPD?  LA is a big city with some fairly progressive, vast medical resources so it doesn't seem impossible to me, although doubtful considering how uninformed the medical community is on this.  Just figured I'd ask.



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Just replying since nobody has yet. (im not from LA nor US)


I dont think there are too many doctors out there that are knowledgeable about hppd.

Sure they couldve heard of it but I bet the knowledge from reading the material on this forum is probably the best there is. Unless you bring the science into it, like cerebral dis-inhibition and the like and talk to neurologists or something. Even then, if they dont know about HPPD and its studies, they wont know that an anti-psychotic like Risperdal can commonly worsen symptoms. 


Your best bet is to try looking for drug-induced disorder doctor/psychiatrist of some sort or just finding a doctor who will look at the information you bring and listen and work with you. Im sure if there was a hppd research going on somewhere, we wouldve heard of it? :\


I hope someone from LA can help you out. 

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