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Really curious about lurkers?

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Many posts make it to 100+ views with little or no reply. Would most of these users be lurkers that have hppd? Do we have stats on unique visits? Im curious why people would refrain from speaking out.

Even just talking about it is therapeutic in a way imo. I mean if you're visiting the site and reading the posts, join the community and share experiences and get some support. :) 

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i imagine alot of people are still in the "i just dont know how to talk about these things wrong with me" phase too. Had this site been around 7-8 years ago I probably still wouldnt have been able to comment about my hppd at the time. it was only in the past few years I became able to talk about it, even with friends who were there with me on the night things all went wrong for me.



edit:: and synth... part of the reason for that is if you use google it will always bring up relevancy ratings of websites you've previously visited when searching similar sites. especially if you've visited frequently. Thats why sometimes when you google something after just having recently viewed something else, you get wierdly related results making it feel like the world is strangely too connected. 


well that and good old fashion paranoia :D

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I don't know I stumbled upon the site and just lurked for a few days then decided to join. I see that a lot of times there will be like 10+ guests and under 5 members online. that's so annoying because this forum is so dead. more people need to join so it can be more lively!

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