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strange OEV


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So yesterday I woke up and went to take a bath/meditate like I usually do, but this was the day after I dosed with aniracetam. I was pressing on my eyelids with my eyes closed entertaining myself with the colors and a circular like orb with a neon exterior and a black vortex in the middle formed. I then opened my eyes and it remained in my vision. Admittidly it freaked me out a bit, but I ignored it and it was gone within 5 mins. What do you make of this? Idk what the hell it was.

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Make nothing of it. Just shake it off. "Whatever, just more randomness" and continue your day. Don't go digging Freudian style and trying to find subconscious connections to it, which may not even be there. Leave it pass. That's what I do, though sometimes I still think "What the ...?", but I try not to let it linger.

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Recently found I can induce CEV by doing what you mentioned above; pressing on closed eyes. So ive been playing with them lately. I dont know if this is dangerous at all -.- probably isnt good though lol


I learned that one of the CEV i produce by doing this is the one I wake up to in the morning(that disappears within the minute). 


Touching our eyes physically probably stimulates the retina perhaps? Also supported by the fact that Rapid Eye Movement sleep occurs near the time of waking up??(which I have the CEV/OEV for a < minute upon waking)

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the "vortex" is omnipresent for me.  mostly because i've used it to focus my cevs for the past few years. it gets even more "entertaining" the more you observe it. moving your eyes in relation to the center of the vortex and focusing on certain aspects of it produces different effects. some of those make cev's stronger some make it taper off and bring about temporary black. 


The only danger involved is that you always take the risk of making yourself more susceptible to seeing them without the effort. it takes a lot of experimentation to figure out what interactions cause what changes in the "ether" and during that experimentation theres always the risk of making things worse rather then better


as far as why touching the eyes triggers the cevs.. theres a lot of discussion that it triggers "phosphenes" to fire off  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphene  but theres a debate that phosphenes even exist or not. thing is it doesnt take hppd to get cevs when pressing your eyes, so theres something physical going on there regardless

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Wow. I was doing some reading on bluelight.ru and found the word phosphene just now.Came back to post here but you've already posted it :) The picture on the wiki article is exactly what I see. 'Glad' to see its a well defined phenomenon. Also suprised that I was able to guess correctly exactly why phosphene occurs.

It only partially explains why phosphene occurs when i wake up though.. (prisoner's cinema?)

I dont know what you mean by vortex. the vortex of phosphene?


Mine is not that strong. It kind of fades away even if I am still pressing on my eyes. It starts with flashing specs of blue light, then the squares then lightning strikes starting from the sides and nearing to the center and some regular cloud cev. 



Led me to read about optic neuritis which outlined some of the symptoms i've had:


The vision might also be described as "disturbed/blackened" rather than blurry

A study found that 92.2% of patients experienced pain, which actually preceded the visual loss in 39.5% of cases.[5] (dont know if this means eye pressure)

Also lesions on brain but mine was mild and regarding that,  the doctor basically said it was abnormal for my age but its normal lesions. wtf?


Bunch of the causes(lyme, MS, etc)  are things i have suspected but I probably 'just' have HPPD. -.-

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