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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

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So recently I've been considering this.. I have a butt-load of articles on it, but to be honest I'm tired of putting together theories and articles, so I don't have anything remotely scientific to add at the moment.

I just wanted to ask: Anyone have any experiences with this? Please provide as much details as you can.
AFAIK there's been only 1 person with HPPD who has tried this, though I'll leave it up to him to decide to comment or not.

Considering my previous positive results with tDCS, I thought TMS would be worth the shot.
Though tDCS didn't do anything for my visuals, it significantly reduced DP and I felt normal for a short while.
TMS effects are stronger and longer lasting in my understanding. The only issue would be the visual aspect.
Several studies have shown that TMS can alter excitability in the Visual Cortex and can cause for inhibition therein.
I don't know exactly how TMS functions. I presume it can, like tDCS, either excite or inhibit neurotransmission, considering its use in epilepsy etc.

Thus I think the best way to go would be a frontal excitatory stimulation, and an occipital inhibitory "stimulation", simultaneously.
I haven't been that meticulous about it as with other things, so it's just an idea rather than a theory. I'm just tired of trying shit that doesn't work, or only works to a very marginal extent, and everything is so damned expensive! I'm going to discuss this with the specialist helping me, but I don't know if it's covered by insurance etc. Generally speaking 15 sessions cost around €1500, though that's with a psych evaluation in each session, so I'm hoping to be able to leave that out, and that it's not mandatory.

In any case, I need to see if I can get a hold of my EEG results first. Hopefully something will have shown up, thus having evidence for a neurological disorder, rather than the quite useless DSM diagnosis I have now. And if not.. well I guess I'll just keep pushing for more tests.. not that an MRI will show anything, but what the heck right? Gotta have something to do.

Guess I derailed a bit/a lot, but really I just wanted to ask what your thoughts are on ®TMS?

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Well my EEG results didn't make me any the more wiser alas.. I've blown the dust off of my tDCS device.. everything seems to be in place and working correctly at a steady 1.1 mA. All things considered, I think I might mess around with it again. But that would involve shaving my head again.. not sure I'm up to the task haha. I could do it with a full head of hair, but it would only make it very difficult to locate areas. I'm considering giving this setting a try, which is the same setting used in the rTMS depersonalization study. Just as a preview of what rTPJ (right temporo-parietal junction) stimulation would do I suppose. If anything, a qEEG would be very helpful, and apparently I only had a normal EEG done last time, despite that I specifically asked for a qEEG.

Anyhow. just some thoughts really.. no plans in motion yet. I've had good results with left DL-PFC stimulation, though I suspect rTPJ stimulation would be quite different, moreover possibly having less of a nootropic effect. Also, I'd have to be quite meticulous about getting the setting right, because you know.. Temporal Lobe and all that. If anything I was thinking that a combination of anodal DL-PFC, anodal rTPJ, and cathodal Oz stimulation might be something worth investigating, though this would obviously be a tad cumbersome, moreover it's highly unlikely that anyone would be willing to administer this combination to me in a clinical setting.

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Hey man,

Haven't seen you post in a while which can be both good or bad.
Hope you are alright though and wanted to follow up on your progress with this modality of therapy. 
Please let us all know how you're doing.


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