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Why is HPPD in DSM-IV?


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Maybe im understanding it wrong but DSM is a manual for mental disorders.

Why is HPPD considered a mental disorder? 

I mean we do have some evidence of cerebral disinhibition, abnormal MRIs, and such?

Maybe im just understanding the semantics wrong but when i read mental disorder, its kind of offensive. 


I ask because i plan to see a doctor soon and sometime during the visit ill probably mention "i think i have hppd, its in the dsm-iv"


My main concern is my future (career wise) and I dont really want to have a 'mental disorder' somewhere in my records. Not to mention that it would also be on record that I have abnormal vision. Would such a thing show up on background checks...


In canada,bc, medical and driving, are both run by the government and i wonder if they share infos. That would be one of my main immediate concern. 

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