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headpressure/cloudiness and weed

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I sometimes get headpressure and a general heavy/cloudy feeling in my head and when that happens i dont feel very sharp.... it's annoying. I started getting headpressure after i developed fairly mild hppd. It's been awhile now and most of my visual symptoms go practically unnoticeable unless i choose to focus on them. Just some visual snow and a little bit of tracers.


But that cloudy feeling comes back now and again... I quit smoking weed for 6 months when i started getting panic attacks from getting high. Then i started back and have been smoking again for the past 6-8 months with no visual symptoms getting worse - at least i haven't noticed anything. However could smoking be causing/prolonging this headpressure? I may cut back to smoking only every so often..

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Well I don't know about head pressure but I do get strange head feelings when I'm anxious or stressed. As for the fog it is similarly related to anxiety.
As for the anxiety, it goes batshit when I smoke weed, so do visuals. Last time I smoked weed, my brainfog was pretty severe for the following week or so.

I suggest you just quit weed man... There are far more enjoyable alternatives I find (such as Damiana or Passiflora).

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When it's there, i just can't grasp things as clearly as i used to... and it normally happens when im ruminating too much. Then suddenly my brain feels "mushy" and i'm not as smart as i was... Just curious to know if it happened to anyone else and whether weed affected it..

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Little late on the draw here... buuut having just having just been smoking for the last month and a half or so I can relay my experiences. 


What I think you're describing is what most people call "brain fog".  I don't think it has to do with the marijuana.  I get it sometimes.  Klonopin helps it, which leads me to believe it's from seizureish activity in the brain or deep seated anxiety (although I don't normally feel anxious when I get it).  Eating a large meal seems to trigger it for me.  And stress...


First of all weed has never really been my thing and I never really liked it unless I was drinking.  To me it's a once in a while thing I baby step into and use as a "drink enhancer".  It's nice to have a couple of craft beers and use it in moderation.


I have come to the conclusion that marijuana has no effects on HPPD at all (at least mine).  It can, however, effect anxiety... which as we know has huge effects on HPPD.  There are cognitive issues related to MJ use... which of course you're aware of... so I think those could be anxiety provoking if you're sensitive to them.  Also I noticed a "spacey" high feeling accompanied me throughout my marijuana foray, especially in the mornings. Not unpleasant though :).


It was fun while it lasted.  Farewell, MJ... see you next summer maybe.

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