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Appt with psychologist/neurologist


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So, today I had an appt with a psych which was quite stressful and mentally taxing. My depersonlization flared up badly in that stressful situation. I presented my evidence for the fact that I have hppd; as well as evidence for the possible effectiveness of keppra in treating hppd. Overall I think the appt was successful because I was able to get a referral for a neurologist. On sept 3 I will see him and most likely be given an eeg as well as an mri. I guess my question would be, how do I convince him that keppra will be a safe and possibly effective route for treatment. This feels like my last resort at this point and I need these doctors to take me seriously. Will appreciate any feedback guys. Thx.

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Hey bpl,
good luck with your neurologist. My memory isn't being too forgiving today though, so I can't really advise you on how to convince him it's safe. If he's a neurologist he'll probably know that already. However, what I did was show the experiences with Keppra, along with the Keppra study (which states that Keppra is a safe, efficacious and well-tolerated treatment for HPPD). Getting the diagnosis seems to be the first step though..

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