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Double vision / Ghost image..?


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Hello everyone,

I think I have HPPD for a long time now, but not the kind of HPPD you guys are talking about.


It all started about 1 year ago, after using (only!) 300 mg's of MDMA. Visual snow started to come.

I kept on using drugs for about a year. Drugs like, cannabis (1 time a week) , alcohol (also 1 time a week)
and 4-fmp and methylone. (I only did that 2 times so far.)

Now my symptoms are getting worse. I got visual snow, my eyes are very sensitive, and I got after images (a little bit)

Now the worst thing about my HPPD is that I am looking cross eyed..
I have never looked cross eyed before, but it started when I continued using drugs.

As soon as I change my point of view to a different style my eye(s) looks like this:
http://tinypic.com/r/1j7vch/6 (Looks weird right?)

I even look cross eyed when I am writing a message on my mobile.
I also can look through my finger sometimes, it's very hard to explain..

My point of view gets disturbed as soon as I relax / stare with my eyes. (Like the pic above.)
My point of view is getting disturbed, and I start looking double, it gives me a headeache.

There was also no eye or bain damage found, so it must be the HPPD that causes this.

Is there any type of medicine that can remove my cross eye, and maybe my visual snow?

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Just some speculation, probably not helpful at all :\


i had very noticeable anisocoria (different pupil size) and now, not so noticeable but still there. (probably damaged from mdma use?)


Eyes rolling back is also another effect of MDMA. considering how hppd is usually permanence of effects experienced during trips/rolls, maybe the cross eyed is as such? 


Though after reading hundreds of posts on hppd over the past month, cross eyed is a first read for me.


my ghosting is like the 3rd moon in the picture above though when it first presented itself it was the 2nd one. worsened over a month or so.


I think hppd definitely effects the eye muscle and movement in addition to the perception and processing problems.


Though it may not be a direct hppd thing, it could be the body's 'natural' reaction to hppd.

Even people without hppd, when one or both eyes has a problem, the brain will try to enhance the dominant eye and shut down the other eye.

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