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Im sure mny folks with HPPD experience this...


For example, suppose you are outside, it is a sunny day... then you suddenley walk inside, where there is a diffrent (or darker) tone of lighting, and.... basicly ones visuals are insaneley amped for al least two minutes to the point of not being able to see i.e. total "white out" in visuals. It is like it is trying to adjust or something or... it reacts to diffrences in light somehow ,,,,   possibly this mechanism is linked to some underlying mechnics of why hppd persists as it does and at the core of the problem???


As i have herd, it may have to do with the visual processing of information through filters etc etc --- i.e.you can see how this plays out in the above description,,


just thaught i would share


any feedback ?




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my theory on it is that the receptors in our eyes responsible for processing the blues of a fresh lit sky to sync with our body clocks are out of wack. hence the sleep issues.. and why some of us seem to be able to see in the dark with our eyes closed like they were completely open. there's something receiving an overload of information that we're trying to process without ample context and our brains over embelish it or completely overload other senses trying to... make sense of it.


if that makes any sense

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