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can anyone help plz

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Hey My name is connor im 17 years old from the age of 14 i was taking drugs it strated with canabis then ended up on mkat then to harder stuff coke exct then i ended up taking ketemin at the age of 15 Somthing called MXE my head went bacicly totaly messed up trippy drug then ended up partying hard at 16 drum and bass partys and stuff then got offerd Something called 2ce i acsepted but i dident know  the limmit of the drug so i ended up taking to mutch plus snifed it not bomb i had a realy realy bad trip everyone started morphin into realy crazy shit worst 7 hours of my life i was scared like never before ever since my vission has warped the walls

shake i have static vission if someone takes a photo it blinds me from the flash i see coulers for hours pluss words move on a peace of paper its scary i dont know if i have brain damage or what all i know is its worrying i went to the doctors they laughed me out of the place can anyone help :( 





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Hey man. Use a bigger font if you're having trouble reading. Kind of hard to read an entire introduction without a single punctuation mark.

Just some friendly advice ;)

I'd like to help you, but you got to be a bit more specific than "my doctor's basically an asshole". Anyway, all I can say for now is that if you're doctor is being unprofessional like that, then find another. Print out the DSM HPPD diagnosis page, and some other relevant studies (some of which you can find over at the Downloads section), for your next visit.

So just a few questions:

  1. Are you currently on any medications?
  2. Do you have symptoms other than anxiety and visual distortions?
  3. How long have you had this?

Try to relax (yeah that can be hard, I know). Abstain from all drug use (that includes Cannabis and Caffeïne). Drink tea instead of coffee. Tobacco doesn't really influence symptoms AFAIK, so that should be fine. Careful with Alcohol. Some people find it makes things a lot worse, others get temporary relief with minor exacerbation in the morning. Be diligent about having a healthy diet. You're not gonna die, and you won't go blind.

Also, if you're willing to share what country you're in, some of us may be able to advise a doctor experienced in HPPD to you. From what I know there are some located in the US, the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands. Maybe Canada too, I don't know.

Some elaboration would enable us to give you more specific advice.

Good luck,

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I'd like to echo what onedayillsailagain has said, except personally I'd recommend avoiding all drugs, including alcohol. If your aim is to heal, alcohol will not help matters. That said, you haven't given any indication that you do drink.


Once you provide some more information then we may be able to help you a little more.

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well i have had for about a year now its getting worse also i get really paranoid really easy over anything and i start pacing panacing  and feel my arms go floppy too thats scary its last for upto 3 hours with heart palpations and my sight seems to get worse with a head ache and ive lost weight and un able to gain it back i eat regurly and often




No medication

Yes weight loss & acne 

1 year

im from england yorkshire i live in a city called hull

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Do you consume lots of caffeine, by way of tea, coffee, coke, chocolate, or otherwise? If so, some members report that caffeine makes their anxiety worse, and so it is better avoided.


You might want to look into supplements to treat your anxiety, specifically magnesium (good quality stuff, not oxide), l-theanine and valerian root. These should be safe to use. If these don't work then there are meds we can recommend, but it is best to go down the supplement route first.


If you can get yourself down to London there is a drug clinic that may be able to help. They didn't do anything for me but another member had some success with them in getting prescribed Keppra (one med which may be helpful). http://clubdrugclinic.cnwl.nhs.uk/ - you can refer yourself and your GP does not need to know about it. However, you might want them to write to your GP confirming that what you are experiencing is a very real problem.


See another GP. This is your right. If you are not happy with your current GP you can see another.


There are some other things I could possibly suggest in terms of paid consultations, but this would depend on whether you could afford to pay for these (I don't know your current situation).

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Yes, being healthy in general is important. Watch what you eat, drink and try to exercise.


How much weight have you lost?


I have HPPD, yes. I've had it for nearly two years now. There are some on the forum who have had it a lot longer. Of course we all hope to be healed or treated at some point in the future (indeed some have been treated or got better), but acceptance is important too.

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