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How to deal with anxiety that is just there?

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Feeling worried and tense at the heart.

It relieves itself during food coma or an hour or two before bed but for some reason it comes back.

I think it has to do with my pulse going up and causing it rather than anxiety-->pulse up. 

No doubt that my blood circulation has been a mess since the beginning. My brain blood circulation is 20-40% faster than normal as i been told by the hospital. Probably the reason for hppd head pressure.


Its Day 3 now of anxiety. Day 10 of Cipro. hoping that when im done with cipro, itll return to baseline. 

Eventhough ive only had visual symptoms for 1-2month, i was pretty much at peace with it mentally. I may have been sleeping alot due to the lack of energy and such but never did I feel anxiety. 


If it is from cipro, i hope it will be gone when im done cipro. thinking of maybe cutting it early and risk chronic prostaitis... 


just venting i guess. 


Going for some "healing massage" later. This guy is a guru at health but he probably has no idea what hppd is lol. i wonder how he'll do. 

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Update: *just throwing random theories and info*


the healing massage has made some changes, not necessarily for the better but it did have an effect on visuals. 

The massage guru as soon as he saw me knew I had bad blood circulation and also noticed I was close to going full retard mentally. He mentioned of how foreigners(westerners) had to resort to drugs because of what I was to become. He couldve been just talking about depression/schizo but when he was talking about how he has treated some 'crazies' it sort of gave me hope. 


Basically he tells me to drink plenty (4L) of water so I can flush out my intestines and get rid of excess air etc. He treats the intestine as a very very critical part of body and of course water because our body is 70% water and brain included.Belly breathing is key. He goes on to 'massage'  stab pressure points all over my body, even inducing a full blown paresthesia and sweating in my hands. 


Maybe the 'hope' somehow alleviated some of my anxiety resulting in some changes in visuals but I have high hope that hppd is related to blood circulation and stuff. Maybe the improvement of hppd via exercise has more to do with simple blood circulation vs dopamine/etc.


It kind of makes sense since LSD puts so much strain on your body, stomach and intestines when tripping. There's a reason people dont eat before trips. I did puke in the beginning of a trip once, although the puking was sort of anxiety bad trip related too(maybe the strain on stomach --> heartbeat --> anxiety ?). And this process some how opened a connection for stomach+intestine with visual stimulations, subconscious and brain.


I knew my hppd was pretty unique considering that i produced cherry angiomas and 2 infections among other symptoms most did not have.  I think i had very very mild hppd that was intensified by sickness.


I also 'learned' that my anxiety is sort of not anxiety at the same time. My anxiety as i mentioned before seems to come after my heart starts beating fast, not before. I observed and reflected the past 4 days of 'anxiety' and realized that lying down and (closing my eyes?) gets my heart going. Doing some googling has led me to believe that its because lying down, for me, easily pools my blood in my lowers, resulting in faster pulse creating a viscious cycle. Also supported by the fact that I easily get orthostatic hypotension(head rush standing up).


Anyone else think that our true deep subconscious is at an anxious state, creating various symptoms? Related to how lsd can allow us to tap into our subconscious and change it. Kind of supported by euphoria causing drugs making people better.


Also, i did receive some 0.25mg xanax and propanolol after telling my doc that, 'it feels like my body is sleeping but my mind is not, my heart beats fast and it makes me anxious-y.(i dont mention of hppd, though he knows i have visual symptoms). 


I wont be using it for a while though; any cases of worsening symptoms????  


Also decided to stop my cipro antibiotics to see if that was causing my fast heart beat.


This could all be bullshit though T.T changes can mean for better or for worse. 


Also knowing that my anxiety is heart related is relieving?!?!?! and has grounded me from the Post anxiety stress. 

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Wow that's a lot of philosophical and metaphysical stuff there. That's not my specialty, haha.
I just know that anyone who's a self-proclaimed guru is probably full of it.

That said, a massage is always good for you. And drinking enough water as well. I don't think you need a "healer" to tell you that.

I wouldn't worry too much on the physical symptoms.. My heart does weird stuff sometimes too. And I frequently have shallow breathing with an inability to breathe deeply. You just got to let it happen, instead of trying to change it. I know the anxiety can make that difficult, but just try to "let it be" every now and then.

What helps me with the orthostatic hypotension is to do some push-ups every now and then. HPPD can cause you to lead a sedentary lifestyle (or so it does in me), which is one of the top causes for orthostatic hypotension. Just get some exercise. It doesn't have to be a lot. Just stand up from your chair every now and then, walk around a bit, do some stretches and some jumping jacks.. you get the point. Aside from Thrombosis (I think it was that), this is also one of the reasons why you've got to do some exercises every now and then when you're in an airplane.

Anyway, don't stop your antibiotics without consulting your doctor.. You only had a few days left, right?
Hehe I'm not exactly the best patient either, but I know that you shouldn't mess with antibiotics.

Anxiety is always heart related by the way. Whether it's you heart causing anxiety, or vice versa. It's not just a one way street. And if you worry about your heart, then it'll probably increase your heart rate. Whenever my heart starts acting funky, I just do some exercises and feel better afterwards. But I have low blood pressure rather than high blood pressure, so my advice might not be accurate.

And increased cerebral blood flow generally results in nootropic effects AFAIK. Probably it's a very ambiguous thing though.

Your writing does seem to indicate you're feeling rather anxious. Try to mellow out a little, even if at first it may cause an increase in anxiety.
Yoga, meditation, cup of tea, rain forest sound tracks.. Just give it a try. I like to lie on the floor and feel the cold and the pressure; it somehow calms me down.

Are you on any other meds besides Cipro? BTW what's the full name of it? I remember reading something about it in another post of yours, but the memory deficits you know..

Easy on the Xanax mate.. One of the most addictive Benzo's IIRC.

Best of luck!

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i have one of the most annoying ways of dealing with anxiety.... my legs bounce like im playing the drums at a death metal concert... (have actually been a drummer since was a wee lil tyke so that doesnt help) ... but yeah... my body just translates my inner stresses to nonstop bouncing motion, and when i do stop is when i get the inner build up of energy until a muscle twitches crap.. 


but at least while the knees are bouncing it does keep my mind off of the occasional crippling anxiety attacks. 



pisses off everyone that watches me do it though.. I've actually had people throw things at me during meetings at work because my leg bouncing was shaking the conference table :\ .. 

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