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Any success stories without doctors/medicine?


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i've had luck in some areas.. namely gaining a measure of control of when I get affected. but any success you gain is going to take work and will. same goes with doctors. Nothing will work unless you're trying to make it work. 


but yeah.. meditation works for me. i lead a relatively normal life now outside of the hour or so a day when i'm at home and I allow myself to "let it all loose" as it were. it's better than all day every day every hour nonstop wizard eyes (adventure time ftw). 


other than meditation.. sounds cheasy but give yourself a hobby... go hiking a few times a month. learn photography.. learn photoshop.. doesnt matter what you do just that you do .. keeping your mind occupied will go a long way to letting yourself ignore everything that you think you cant. 

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My DP/DR is gone. When I first got it, I got so stressed about it that I just couldn't stop thinking about it. I had no clue it was called DP/DR. I thought that the drug I had taken (DXM) had permanently fucked me up, and that my DP/DR was the result of some kind of brain damage. However, after some research I eventually realized that what I had was DP/DR. After reading the wiki link on DR where it noted that DR can be caused by stress, it hit me that my stress was actually feeding my DR, which in turn fed my stress, causing a vicious cycle. I just got faith in the idea that the DR would fade away if I didn't stress it, and sure enough, as my stress went away so did my DR.


I will say this: porn does not help your DP/DR. Neither does excessive video game playing or TV watching. You gotta ground yourself in the real world.


Also, don't bother with doctors, most have never even heard of this condition.

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The right doctor is the best, if you get tjis permanent you should at some point look around at available docs. with some understanding or knowledge about what you are going threw.

There are two success stories from long term sufferers as i know it.

The intense non-religious meditation techniques. A couple of members did this for some time and got very possitive results. However, they said that it was very painful as HPPD got extreme in the beginning of the meditation.

2nd is the self therapy that Jay did. It does not remove symptoms but they wont bother you as much. Basically fordring your mind not to be affected by them. Do not look away from the visuals and do not focus on them. Just try to look at the world as you used to without putting too much thought in to it.

Without medicine i can recommend the strictest keto diet there is. No carbs except from like aspargus and such that has 2 grams/100grams. High fats and normal proteine. Its been used in seizure patients. Also magnesium citrate, 200-400mg. Keeps your attention and sleep pattern in a great way. Attention has a lot to do with HPPD (dr. Harper)

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