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I need help

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basicly i just feel like venting...


This is really fucked up and beyond a joke,,,


This is really serious, i need some help, it has been too long dealing with this.

It is really fucking with my life -


Something needs to be done, i need help

I dont speak to aneyone about ot apart from my pearents


What to Do?????



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Sorry to hear man, I feel for you..

What have you tried already? Therapies, medications, supplements etc. I mean.
What are your most debilitating symptoms? Are you seeing a "professional" now?

Besides solutions outside of yourself, try looking within. I'm no guru or whatever, but meditation has helped me at times.
I found this documentary very interesting and to the point: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/beyond-thought/.
And for more insights on the self in relation to environmental influence (the field of human behavioral biology), perhaps watch the (13 hour long) Trom Documentary.
Both might be contradictory, but the first is more about the self, whereas the latter also shows how the environment can influence your self.
Visually it might not change a thing, but mentally it can definitely help. Sometimes it'll seem to make things worse, but as with everything that passes.
As painful as the mind can be, simply distracting yourself constantly also provides little potential of change. Confronting or observing your mind may be painful, but it doesn't last for ever.

So yeah..meditation with (proper) medication would seem the way to go.

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just hang in there man... it sometimes gets worse before it gets better before its gets worse.... but it you hang in there there's always a better day if you fight to have one




even as someone thats tried everything.. if your interested in me sharing some "tricks" or techniques or whatever word you wanna call them, that have helped me stay "sane" after 14 years of hell .. then shoot me a pm. your mileage may vary, but trying anything can be better than doing nothing



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Hang in there brother, i'll tell you what: it'll get better. Maybe not symptomwise but for every day that goes by, you grow stronger. I've had 12 beers and 5 margeritas tonight so i know what's coming to me in the morrow but dpn't worry, be happy!

Love to all you brothers and sisters

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