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Does anyone have a line appear from the bottom of their vision moving up when there heart beats


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i have a personal theory that a large portion of the visual effects we get are actually internal stimuli from our various biological processes that have been "re-wired" into our visual processing. 


science is finding more and more evidence that we have way more going on in the numerous visual pathways taken in our brain outside of the main pathway our normal vision takes. the only reason most people do not consciously process these stimuli is that the main visual pathway overloads it. Like trying to distinguish a candle in a room filled with spotlights... it's there, our subconscious uses it for processing cues to help us make decisions in the background. people with "blind sight" or damage to their vision but not their eyes... they use it.. people that are blind but hijack their hearing to create visual signals in their "mind's eye" .. they use it.


we just seem to be either a) more aware of it.. or B) there's been some damage or limitation to our normal visual processing, and our brain's elasticity allowed them to rewire and try to tap into these other pathways to "fill the gaps" as it were. since our minds are used to processing these stimuli only in a subconscious sense, then trying to process it consciously would undoubtedly lead to it appearing random to us.. or taking on geometric patterns that could easily correspond to patterned electrical signals caused by internal stimuli.


then again there's also external stimuli outside of the range of our normal vision. I personally believe we all have at the minimum some degree of magnetic vision, and IR vision, and ultraviolet vision. The ability to process these stimuli exist all across the animal kingdom, and we've gone through so many variations of dna to get to where we are, that the likelyhood of the genes that allow it existing in us are high.. but again, we've come to rely on the primary visual cortex as our main sensory system, and any other secondary pathway is overwhelmed by the primary to the point we would normally not be able to consciously observe the stimuli. .. but any one of us who has navigated their nightime home with eyes completely closed, but able to completely see their surroundings in limited detail.... well you should know as well as i do that we're not just "seeing" the light our eyes pick up but other stimuli as well.


back on the original topic though... I see my pulse as a quickened speed in the rotation i always see within my visual field... any pain i may be experiencing i see as an orange brightening in a corresponding area of the field.. any of the muscle twitches to full on seizures I get I can usually see coming as blue jagged lines spreading throughout an area of the field.. 


the odd thing is the location of the "viewpoint" of my "eyes" within my closed eye visual field, seems to be approximately 2 inches above my head and 4 inches behind it. I can "see" a visual representation of the stimuli within myself as if looking down on myself from a 3rd person perspective out of a game like gears of war.. but a bit tighter on my head/shoulder area. I actually feel like I have better depth perception in being able to sense my body position within my visual field then i do looking at things with my eyes open. 


as for getting the internal stimuli out of your visual field.. once you know what area certain internal stimuli impact within the field, you learn to keep your focus off that portion of the field.. if you see the line reaching up from the lower center of your vision, move your eyes to their top left corner and then move them left to right to left to right a few times, with your eyes pointed upwards. if my ideas on the internal stimuli are right.. and i stress the if... then we control more of what is happening to us then we realize. upper left and right corners within our visual field are usually reserved for external stimuli (from my personal experimenting... ymmv). forcing your attention to these areas helps your consciousness "cover up" the portion your trying to avoid.


I've spent a few years no learning to separate out the internal noise and  external noise from the true visual information my eyes should be showing me.. I'm far from 100% with it, but it's given me back some semblance of a reality, which is something i long ago gave up on having again. anything I can gain back at this point is in the name of experimentation and hopefully finding people who try similar things that can help me test out these ideas and see if we can find something that can help even just a few of us.things like pulse vision are physical responses that I believe prove that our "hallucinations" are just another layer of how our brains process information. It's a measurable response that if more scientists would take the conditions seriously, would show there is a physical process behind it that maybe could one day be repaired. it's not just psychological, and it's not seeing purple toucans flying off in some weird nam weed flashback.. it's our crazy wonderful beasts of computers we call brains trying to process something consciously thats usually reserved for the subconsciousness with reason. we're not yet wired to comprehend that much raw information. which is why even in the most perfectly healthy mind, the brain is constantly lying to the person to cheat processing on things not necessary for the conscious mind to be paying attention to. but the subconscious mind is always sifting through all that raw information and processing all of the stimuli we couldnt hope to follow along with and helping us make decisions at speeds that would make us think the decision would made for us... if our brains didnt keep on lying to ourselves to convince ourselves we made those decisions consciously.



///// end brain vomitting

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