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HPPD gets better

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A little over a year ago I tripped 2c-i for the first time, it was pretty cool, I didn't see much at first but a few hours into it looked into the sky and saw this beautiful purple diamond formation which I had never thought my mind could have fathomed. I tripped a couple times after that, not as much as my friends who had never expressed any permanent effects from the drug. Less than a year about, before October, I had some pretty intense trips off of only one dose of 2c-i after smoking weed, a few times it got pretty intense to my none liking so I decided I was going to trip one last time this time on LSD. In October, this trip went pretty well but I still kept in mind that it was my very last time doing any kind of hallucinogenic drug. A couple weeks after that I was smoking weed with my friends and noticed some weird stuff in my vision, the kind of stuff you would see on hallucinogenics but I knew I wasn't on any. This was the first time I noticed the visual static (HPPD) which triggered my first panic attack. I simply left the room where we smoked and went outside, I noticed my heart beating fast and could only focus on that thus making it beat faster, if you have had a panic attack I'm sure you can relate. After that I noticed many things such as derealization, weird thoughts, lines in my vision, noticing floaters more often.. and when I smoked weed it wouldn't be the same as it once was, and still doesn't.But things seem to be getting better, I don't have weird thoughts nearly as often, the visual static is still there but I don't notice it as often, mostly when I first wake up, or right before bed (when it's dark in my room) but if someone brings it up I will notice it but when I'm not noticing it it's like it's not there happy.gifI give credit for my success to time, I feel that the longer I go without taking hallucinogenics the better things will become. I also have been taking Omega-3 via fish oil tablets which may be helping but it's impossible to tell if it due to them, or simply my braining healing, or forgetting the trip over time.They say that the mental alterations go away first (weird thoughts) which seems to be true in my case.My roommate also has HPPD, worse than me, so he has been a big help.<br style="min-width: 0px; ">I wish anyone with HPPD the best of luck, and just keep in mind that it will get better with time, Time heals all wounds, even your brain.Feel free to post with any questions.

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Always good to hear a success story, and as for the panic attack and heart beat thing on cannabis, WORST expirience of my life, more instense than my mushroom trips, I was so scared that I nearly called an ambulance. Sorry to dampen the thread with that but I can definatly relate, very scary expirience.

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