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Doctors and Keppra

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I had an appointment with a Physician but missed it due to miscommunication and general forgetfulness on my part.



Anyways, I'd like to take the time I now have to ask you guys what would be the best way to attempt getting Keppra.


Is it really as hard as everyone says? I planned on acting a bit to get a little sympathy.


Can a Physician ever prescribe this?


Thoughts, advice? 


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Tell the physician to contact a neurologist, if the physician is hesitant to prescribe it. 

That's how I got my prescription. My psychatrist hardly knew anything about HPPD or Keppra, so I simpy asked her to consult a neurologist if she was unsure. So she did and the neuro replied "I don't know much about HPPD either, but Keppra is well tolerated so no problem, try and prescribe it". Then I got my prescription!


A tip is always to point out to the doctor that they're not going to prescribe you an addictive narcotic drug, just a simple anti-EP. Point out that Keppra is well tolerated and not harmful to the body, so what's there to lose for the doctor upon prescribing Keppra? 


Hope it goes well for you mikezero!


odysseus: Yes Keppra takes some time to work properly. For me it took about a month for the first cluster of good effects to kick in, now more than 6 months on a dose of 1000 mgs/ day I've noticed even more reduction in visuals, which were not there the first months. Planning to increase the dose to 1500 mgs/ day..

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