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I just stumbled upon a visual training software product, Revitalvision, that is scientifically proven to increase vision in patients with amblyopia or "lazy eye". In amblyopia, visual information from one (and sometimes, though rarely, both) eyes is not processed properly. Amblyopia is a developmental neurological condition of the brain, not a problem in the eyeball. On the products website is emphasized that revitalvision is training the brain to see better:


"The program uses neural training to improve your vision. Just like learning to walk, riding a bicycle and learning to swim have long lasting effects, so does RevitalVision."


The benefits of the visual training for patients with Amblyopia are mentioned on the products website:

  • Increase contrast sensitivity - enhancing your ability to discern objects that blend into the background, like a menu in a dimly lit restaurant
  • Increase visual acuity - improving your ability to see and distinguish fine details, which is measured with an eye chart
  • Enhanced vision - while driving and reading
  • Ability to see better - in low light conditions
  • Reduce - halos, starbursts and glare while driving or seeing at night

As it seems, a lot of these improvements relate to the visual symptoms we experience. Therefore, this might also be benificial for some of us, think about a reduction in VS, frame vision, night blindness, halos, starbursts, morphing, etc. I belief that the plasticity of our brain is sufficient to reduce visual symptoms of HPPD, if only you stimulate/train it in the right way. I think this is also why most HPPD sufferers experience a reduction in symptoms in the long term, the brain slowly adapts to HPPD. 


I know that the visual symptoms are not as bad as the asociated psychological symptoms some of us have. But maybe, if we can "fix" the visuals, the psychological symptoms will be fixed concurrently. This might be due to neurological changes, but also as a consequence of the improved vision as a result of this training. For example, i think Derealization is strongly related to our visuals symptoms, the world looking unreal because of them. And another one is anxiety, a lot of anxiety is caused by the visual symptoms that constantly remind us of having HPPD and feeling miserable. Possibly, if our visuals are reduced by actual neurological changes instead of using meds, these symptoms might fade as well.


You'll have to contact your doctor to order the product, which might be difficult, since you have to persuade him to believe that this might work for you. But on the other hand, this product is completely safe and you can do the training at home on your own computer. I don't see any reasons for your doctor not to cooperate, except that the software might be somewhat expensive.


Anyway, i thought this might be interesting for some of you. Just check out the website yourself!






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Thanks for sharing!!

Although personally I'm of the view there's not nearly enough neuroplasticity present for this. Maybe in some individuals there is though, IME it sure doesn't seem so. But not everyone's etiology is the same of course, and many still retain most of their higher cortical function, indicating lesser 'damage'.
Which is why I think that this might be of (more) value in combination with other therapies (NIBS, nutraceutical/farmaceutical interventions).

Either way, nice find!

EDIT: ohh.. ja laatmaar je weet hoe ik erover denk :) didn't see it was you!

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