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I hate my home life. want to move out


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Whatevet trust there may have been between me and my parents has been lost and I cant stand living with them any longer. However, I am in a tight spot because I know I dont have enough income to support myself. My parents are controlling and intrusive and Ive had just about enough of it. My father shut off the internet so now I have to go somewhere with free wifi to access this website. Even when I had the internet he blocked every self help website imaginable because to this day he still refuses to believe I have hppd. The past few days have been shit too hecause get this, Ive been having insomnia lately so my parents accused me of doing coke. Im fed up with all this bullshit. I am an adult with adult responsibilities and should be treated as such. Sure ive made mistakes but that does by no means justify my parents controlling behavior. Im no longer going to put up with this bullshit. No matter how much trouble it gets me in. Because once I start bending over and taking their bullshit, its a slippery slope from then on. Sorry had to vent. What should I do guys?

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Hey bpl,

so sorry to hear that!
Seriously though, blocked all self-help sites? What the hell?!
I don't know how old you are mate.. My parents used to be a bit like that, but thankfully I somewhat 'tamed' them before I acquired HPPD.
They take out the router? I take their phones. They put a timer on the internet? I hack into the router and block their PC's.
I was a sly little mongrel though, and that was years ago. Can't imagine what it would be like having your parents treat you like this when your an adult (16+).
I'd say the best thing to do would be to apply for a "unfit to work" kind of status, and pull money from your country for now.
In any case, you'll be living away from your family. Which should give you some well needed relief.
I forgot: have you been officially diagnosed yet? That could definitely help, especially when applying for free money/free living programs.
Until then.. yeah I don't really have advise there.. sounds like you have some stubborn old-school parents there.. Those are hard to deal with, usually they're best left behind. Or so is my opinion really, I'm quite biased on this. Obviously it's up to you what to do about the situation. Getting a diagnosis / competent professional is arguably the hardest and the best thing to do.
Good luck man.. Really hope you manage to keep it mellow. Having too much stress (like being extremely pissed the F off at your parents for being idiots) will likely contribute to it taking longer to heal. Yeah, not the most inspiring words. But being as stress-free as possible is one of the best things you can do for you to heal, and as such pursuing alternate living options is well within the scope of what can be considered healthy in your case.

Best wishes!

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