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HPPD and Ambylopsia?

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After a long time hello again :D


So, i have Ambylopsia since my birth on the right eye, and in the recent time i noticed that when i close my good eye that my HPPD freaks out completely, espacially Micro-Macropsia and Trailing.


Ambylopsia kept short means that my eye didnt learned to process information, the eye at itslef is ok.


what i´m wondering is how can one HPPD have two "strenghts"?



My eye is taking correct information but processing it false as it has not fully learned to process.

The only problem with the eye is that i just see all blurred (In past and now), but positions, light-impressions etc. are being shown correctly. (Since HPPD, the positions etc. are correct in first frame, but after a few seconds HPPD also kills those)


So, what is increasing the HPPD?? I had 2 thoughts to it:


Is it the right eye that catches the information and by processing it false it increases the HPPD?


Or is 5HT2a (i think i read it´s a filter) not able to process broken parts of information so it lets go the signal pass unfiltered?


The differnce of the HPPD-strength compared form the left eye to the right eye are just too big to say there´s nothing influencing it  :/

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I suppose it could be that your visual cortex is trying to compensate for the loss of vision (occurring by closing your left eye), and in the process doing so overcompensates? Honestly I wouldn't know, just throwing out a possibility to consider.
When you say your right eye is just fine, but the processing isn't as good as your left.. Then there was already something going in your visual cortex maybe, and thus since HPPD it could have gotten worse?
Another thing to consider is that in a study in HPPD, when pressure was applied to the left eye, visuals worsened in the right eye, and vice versa.

Now I haven't really given you any answer.. but just some possibilities to consider to come to your answer ;) I think other members might have more insight on this.

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